1. Start simple! – Don’t overwork yourself in the beginning or you’ll find yourself feeling too weak and unmotivated to continue with your daily workout routine. Begin with a jog!

2. Know that results don’t happen right away – Seeing no results after starting may be unmotivating but if you keep at it you will start to see the results and workouts will be easier for you.

3. Make it exciting- Incorporate new and fun work outs into your routine! You don’t need to do the same workouts to stay fit. Try new things you’ve never tried before.

4. Maintain a healthy diet- Keeping out foods that may be unhealthy can keep you more motivated and energized. Kicking junk food out of your diet can help you feel less sluggish.

5. Make friends- Making friends who also workout can help you on your fitness journey. They can push you past what you normally think you can do. So, talk around and find yourself some fitness buddies.

6. Take some off days- If you’re constantly at it, you may begin to feel overwhelmed and overworked. A day off will not ruin your newly fit body!

7. Reward yourself! – Maintaining a consistent workout plan is exhausting! Treat yourself, you did amazing!


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