Making Healthy Food Choices – Thanksgiving!


The holidays are synonymous with indulgence. On Thanksgiving, we gather with our loved one around the center of attention-the elaborate dinner complete with various side dishes and desserts. If you don’t go for seconds or indulge in the rich desserts, your family and friends are sure to question you, and you might even offend the cooks!

As hard as it might seem to stick to a healthy lifestyle during the holidays, it is very much possible. The most straight-forward way is to be aware of how much you put on your plate. Portion-control is key. Also, only put on your plate what agrees with your diet. You don’t have to compromise your healthy diet on Thanksgiving. A low-carb keto-friendly food Is turkey (and you can leave the crispy skin on!) So, don’t be afraid to make that your indulgence. If you follow the Paleo diet, you can still have plenty of turkey, just consider leaving off the skin. This guarantees a high-protein meal. It is trickier to stick to the Paleo diet at a Thanksgiving feast, but it is doable. You could bring your own vegetable dish as a contribution to ensure there are no seed oils or dairy in the dish. You could also have some fruit as an appetizer along with nuts and seeds. The easiest way to have control over what you eat is to bring some of your favorite dishes that adhere to your healthy diet.

Making healthy choices also comes down to the details. If you must have a dinner roll, reach for the whole-wheat variety. For a slice of pie, choose pumpkin pie for its fiber content over other varieties. Choosing healthy foods during the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t have to be difficult and overwhelming. Once you commit to controlling your portions, adhering to your diet in terms of what foods you can have, and choosing wisely, you can still enjoy the Thanksgiving feast. The holidays come once a year so focus on enjoying them. Once they are over, you can go back to stress-free meal prepping!

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