There is a reason why resolutions are made after the New Year. The holidays are a time for indulgence. There is no time for healthy eating and fitness until after the holidays…right? Wrong! Sure, fad diets will probably not last through the holidays, but a healthy lifestyle will. The key to a balanced lifestyle and diet is moderation. You do not have to deprive yourself. You can partake in your favorite holiday food, just make sure not to overdo it. Make smart choices whenever possible. You don’t have to fill your plate with all the fixings; you can pick and choose the healthiest options. For example, for a high-protein holiday meal, choose a piece of turkey without skin, and pile the veggies on. For dessert, opt for the pumpkin pie, which is packed with vitamin A and fiber. Making smart food choices is very important in maintaining a healthy weight.

Just as important as maintaining a healthy diet is exercise. There is no reason to neglect physical activity during the holidays. It is true that at this time of year, we have more on our calendars, but something as important as fitness should be fit into those busy schedules. Add your workouts to your to-do list or your phone calendar, then put on your workout clothes and keep up your normal fitness routine so as not to lose any motivation. For example, if you cannot do your regular hour of exercise on a particular day, it is okay to do 30 minutes. Just keep moving and you will keep the momentum going.

Finally, if you overindulge and neglect your exercise routine, don’t get discouraged. It is not a failure. Acknowledge that setbacks happen and then get right back to it. Then head on over to Fit Life Nutrition. We are your one-stop shop to help you along your fitness journey with everything you need for that healthy lifestyle-from protein supplements to personal training. Let us be a resource to help you maintain your fitness and healthy lifestyle through the holidays!

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