Drink water before, after, and during your workout! Water can help to reduce inflammation because it helps to flush out waste and deliver nutrients to your muscles! 

Eat Some Protein

Protein won’t get rid of muscle soreness but it will help to repair your muscles quicker so the soreness won’t last as long!

Use a Heating Pad and Ice Pack

Heating pads increase blood flow, help to reduce inflammation, and can even flush out byproducts! Switching between applying a heat pad and an ice pack can help to reduce muscle soreness.

Get a Foam Roller!

Using a foam roller can help to reduce muscle swelling and help to repair tissue. After an intense workout, grab a foam roller and roll out your muscles!

Drink Cherry Juice

Sounds strange but cherry juice helps to get rid of inflammation and is loaded with antioxidants!    

Take it Easy!

Light exercise will help circulation as well as give your muscles a little stretch. If you don’t feel like taking the day off, take it easy! Go for a walk!

Rest up

This one should be a given! Sleep can help to reduce inflammation and will allow your muscles to rest. So get some sleep after a hard workout!

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