We have all seen the tips and tricks promoted to burn fat quickly. From liquid diets to giving up complete food groups, these fad diets promise quick results. They sound too good to be true-and they are. You cannot go on a liquid diet forever or vow to never eat certain foods again. Putting on the pounds does not happen overnight, so it shouldn’t be expected to lose that weight within a week. They key to burning fat is lifestyle changes. Here are some healthy and effective ways to burn fat (and keep it off):

  1. Reduce Added Sugar Intake

Consuming too much sugar is common in the modern diet. The consequences of excessive sugar intake are increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. You might have to be vigilant as added sugar can sometimes sneak up on you if you don’t read food labels. Many foods that are labeled as “low-fat” will have added sugar to compensate for the lower fat. They use added sugar to add flavor. Try to choose salad dressing and condiments with no added sugar. Cutting back on soda will also make a big difference in your diet as they are loaded with sugar. Start small if this is difficult at first. Have one meal a day with water or black coffee instead, until you can cut it out completely out of your diet.

  1. Snack Smart

It might be tempting to reach for salty and crunchy snacks in between meals. To reduce this temptation, make sure to stock up on healthy snacks. For example, to satisfy that craving for something crunchy, reach for some trail mix. The almonds and walnuts not only burn fat but provide heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Other fat-burning healthy snacks include carrots and hummus and apple slices with peanut butter. Aim for whole foods and avoid packaged snacks whenever possible.

  1. Increase Protein

A high-protein diet burns fat, increases the metabolism, and gives you energy. For breakfast, have some eggs. Starting the day with high-protein foods will help you feel fuller longer. Make lean meats like chicken and fish the centerpiece of your meals. Incorporate protein powerhouses such as beans and lentils into your meals as much as possible.

  1. Lift Weights

We all know strength training burns fat. It is a very efficient workout as aerobics burns both fat and muscle. Strength training also enables your metabolism to burn calories while your body is at rest; this is one of the benefits of building muscle. If it has been a while since your last workout or there might be some underlying medical issues, be sure to check with your doctor before building your weight-lifting regimen.

The takeaway from these tips is that diet is just as important as exercise to efficiently burn fat. The combination of healthy eating and exercise will enable you to reach your goals. While you will not see results overnight, your body will slowly but surely benefit from these healthy lifestyle changes.

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