Most of us are heading into the new year with high hopes and resolutions. New year resolutions are usually all about health and exercise. It is a good idea to follow up those resolutions with a plan. A plan can help keep us accountable and let us check off our daily goals. So, if you are looking to build a workout plan, you can begin by brainstorming and writing up a draft until you are satisfied and confident that you can follow that plan.

First, start by looking at your schedule. When do you have time for your workout? How many times a week do you plan on exercising? Do you prefer early morning, afternoon, or evening workouts? Next, map out your goals and the types of exercises you will fit into your routine. Will it be cardio on Tuesdays, weightlifting on Thursdays? Perhaps an hour of dancing to your favorite playlist on Wednesdays can help break the monotony of the workweek. Or you might prefer to do a preset number of jumping jacks, lunges, squats, pushups, etc. Switching up your workouts has many benefits, including building new muscles and preventing boredom.

After you have designed your workout, apply your rough draft to whichever platform you will be using to keep track of your schedule. Will you keep your routine in your daily planner, an app that allows you to input your own workouts, or will you set alarms on your phone? The possibilities are endless so have fun with the planning. If you have any questions or concerns about which types of exercise are best for your body type and experience, do not hesitate to call us here at FitLife Nutrition. We would love to help you tailor a workout plan to your needs. Let’s head into 2021 with health and optimism. Stay safe!


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