5-Alpha by Black Dragon Labs
This anabolic testosterone agent supports lean muscle growth, improves MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis), and improves power and strength. It contains 5 natural compounds including Laxogenin which is a plant steroid.

Black Dragon Labs- Muscle Mortar
Looking to increase your strength, blood flow, and ATP production? Look no further! This muscle mortar has 100% stable Creatine HCL and will push your body into an anabolic state right after the first serving.

Black Wall Shredded (Fat Burner/ Thermogenic)
This product is the newest breakthrough in weight loss! It will increase your Basal Metabolic Rate, Reduce your food cravings, and will give you an all-day mental and energy drive. With TeaCrin, Dynamine, and Caffeine, energy will be enhanced and your mood, motivation, and focus will be improved.

Cre-8 Creatine Magna Power
This product will give you amazing results without any negative effects. It will improve your strength, endurance, and muscle recovery. Cre-8 is the latest and best breakthrough in creatine!

Midnight Burn- Body Fuse USA
Many don’t take sleep into consideration when losing weight but when your sleep improves so do your results. It allows you to restore and replenish your hormone levels that play a role in metabolic rate. This product will improve your sleep, enhance your metabolic rate, and increase fat burn!

Purify By Body Fuse
This all-natural and highly effective gastrointestinal tract cleaner will help to prevent bloating, water retention, and will increase your metabolism, weight loss, and overall health!

Revive Platinum Natural Testosterone Booster
Revive is shown to send your natural testosterone into maximum overdrive! With a scientifically- based ratio of saponins and protodioscin, your muscle growth will be accelerated. The Eurycoma Longifolia and Rhodiola Rosea will optimize free testosterone and may increase your libido while also minimizing stress.

Testanol by Black Dragon Labs
Testanol will improve your lean and muscle gains and give you more power and strength. With its elevated levels of testosterone, it will also intensify your drive and libido allowing you to perform at a high level.

Undefeated by Black Dragon Labs
Undefeated will boost testosterone, give you explosive pumps, and increase size and strength. It will help you work out harder than you’ve ever worked out before!

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