Exercising is proven to help your health, both mentally and physically. It may be hard to motivate yourself and get your body moving some days. But there are great fitness apps for you out there to help you reach your goals more efficiently and with ease! 


Fitbit makes a ton of different fitness trackers and adding the Fitbit app to your phone will help you to track not only your steps but also help you to track calories, water intake, sleep schedule, and much more. The app will also recommend exercises and activities to you to help you with your fitness goals.

Nike Training Club

This app by Nike has more than 185 free workouts that range from strength and endurance to yoga with virtual Nike Master Trainers there to guide you through the workouts. This app will also provide you with daily recommendations that get more personalized the more you log workouts. You also don’t have to worry about having to have the equipment because there are plenty of equipment-free workouts.

Pear Personal Fitness Coach

The PEAR Personal Fitness Coach app is an audio coaching app that is eyes-free and hands-free. It provides users with a ton of great guided workouts that vary with different intensities and fitness levels that will adapt based on how you perform. They have many workout packages and coaches to choose from and to help you on your fitness journey.


Shred gives you the choice of many different types of training to choose from like bodyweight, cardio, and gym. They have different exercise routines available to help you meet your goals quicker. You can see your daily progress through activity logging and interactive visuals. Shred also has a community where you can get extra motivation for working out.


Whatever kind of workouts you’re into like running, weights, or bodyweight training, there’s a workout for you! Freeletics has over 150 exercises and 1,000 variations of workouts for you to choose from. The app has an AI coach to help push you to reach your goals and it also learns from feedback and finds workouts you’ll love.

Seven Workout

For those who feel like they don’t have the time but want to work out, Seven is the perfect app! With Seven you only need seven minutes out of your day and a chair, a wall, and your body weight. All you have to do is follow along with animated visual moves and audio. The app will challenge you to keep up with daily seven-minute workouts for seven months and if you miss more than three workouts each month, the app will reset and start you over at day one.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer has a workout for everyone no matter the skill level! The app will start you off with a simple questionnaire to measure your physical fitness and will give you recommended exercises and workout plans that are personalized to your goals. It will send you notifications and reminders to help keep you on track and focused. You are even able to hire a one-on-one trainer that will help you with your workouts.


Wakeout will give you more than 1,000 different exercises that you’re able to do with only a tap. This app will allow you to get up and move whenever you are feeling like it. They also let you know when you’re sitting too long and give you wind-down exercises to help you relax. The app is free but you’ll need to get a subscription which will cost $4.99 a month if you want to access any routines. 


Centr combines exercise with meal planning as well as mindfulness to help you focus not only on your physical shape but your mental shape too. This app gives you daily workout videos that are easily doable to the gym or home. The meal planning part of the app will let you find new healthy but tasty recipes for you to try and the gilded meditation will help put you in the right mental space. Centr first offers you a 7-day free trial and after that a monthly subscription of $29.99.


8Fit combines meal prepping and workout training to help users reach their goals whether that is to lose, gain, or stay fit! It will give you a fitness assessment to see what level you’re at then give you workout routines that are at your level so you can work up to harder workouts. 8Fit workouts are based on HIIT (high-intensity interval training) that can all be done with your body weight. All the exercises can easily be done in the comfort of your own home so you don’t have to worry about having the right equipment or go into the gym. The meal planner bases meal off of what your fitness goals, dietary preferences, and tastes are and help you create a list of foods to eat and avoid. 

The app offers many free features but a subscription will unlock more exercises as well as more complete meal planning.

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