Under Armor UA Face Mask

If you need a mask that is great for running, cycling, and just about any physical activity, this mask by Under Armor is a great option for you. It’s made with polyester and spandex so it’s breathable and won’t trap moisture in. The nose bridge is moldable for a more comfortable fit and it also comes in multiple sizes so you can get a mask that will fit your face the best. 

Reebok Face Covers 3-Pack

Made from soft, breathable recycled polyester and elastane that is super comfortable and great for any athletic activity. It is also machine washable making them reusable for daily use. These masks have two layers of fabric to protect you and its comfortable around the ears. It has a tight fit for lack of movement and coverage while you exercise. 

Masqd Ultra Sport Face Mask

This mask is washable with a mesh exterior, cotton lining, adjustable nose bridge, ear loops, and a pocket to add an extra filter inside. It’s breathable and lightweight making it great for high-level performance. These masks are also unisex and come in different colors to add some fun to your mask!

Beyond Yoga In This Together Masks

Made to have a 4-way stretch, this mask is comfortable and will stay in place during any exercise. To top this mask off, it also has moisture wicking with UV protection to help block your face from UV rays from the sun.

Athleta Activate Face Mask 2-Pack

Athleta Activate Face Mask is lightweight and made with TurboDry fabric. This mask is moldable to fit your face and around your nose, making sure to stay in place during your workout. It is also breathable, lightweight, and quick drying so you can get the most out of your workout without having to worry.

Maskc Red Pear Face Masks

These disposable masks come in many colors and patterns and resemble medical-grade masks with a 3-ply design. Masc red pear face masks are lightweight, comfortable, and are easy to breathe through. The mask is secure around the nose chin, and cheeks but projects from the face for a more comfortable fit.

Sudilo Disposable

These disposable masks have a sleek black and 3-ply design. The nose clip is flexable to make sure it won’t move and the ear straps are elastic to make sure you stay comfortable during your workout. The face mask also projects from the face to make breathing easier when you need to take deep breathes.

Champion Adult Cotton Wicking Face Fask

These masks are great for most workouts with the two-layer moisture-wicking cotton in the mask. They are comfortable and breathable but for more intense workouts it’s good to put in a silicone insert to add projection from your face. With the  X-Temp™ technology, it helps you stay drier and cooler during your daily workouts.

Asics Runner Mask

This mask by Asics is great for runners because you can breath heavy and not obstruct any air flow. It has an adjustable fit and is also a water repellent, quick drying, and washable fabric. They come with multiple straps and fastening clips so you can find the right and most comfortable fit for you.

 Huckberry Merino Wool Face Mask 

For the colder months, this mask is a great option for you. It has moisture-wicking merino wool to keep breathability and regulate temperature. These masks have a triple layer of merino wool and cotton to keep you warm and comfortable while also keeping you safe. It is also machine washable and easy to clean!


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