We’re almost halfway through April and what better way to recap with our favorite products from our online store (and you can purchase in store)! If we missed any of your favorite products feel free to let us know. 

    1. Testanol by Black Dragon Labs – The Testanol Anabolic Matrix is designed to focus on increasing lean muscle mass while optimizing strength and sparking explosive power so you can dominate your workouts. Elevated levels of testosterone will also cause a significant increase in your libido allowing you to perform at a high level. Testanol™, the latest in cutting edge androgenic compounds from Black Dragon Labs®. Testanol™ is reformulated and designed to increase lean and dry muscle mass while optimizing strength, power and drive both in and out of the gym. Black Dragon Labs® is known for producing the world’s best natural testosterone boosters that are not only safe but also extremely effective! Testanol™ contains the most tested and revered testosterone boosting compounds on the market including high doses of Tribulus Terrestris (Puncture Vine), Pro Tribulus 400™, Avena Sativa and Longjack Root all packing massive amounts of Saponins and Protodioscins to elevate your testosterone levels to your highest genetic potential.
    2. 5-Alpha by Black Dragon Labs – 5-Alpha™ contains 5 natural compounds including the plant steroid Laxogenin. 5-Alpha™ is designed to significantly boost MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) by up to 200% while simultaneously raising Testosterone levels. Using four of the most powerful clinically tested testosterone boosters, and then combining them with Laxogenin allowed us to deliver the strongest natural muscle builder on the market. 5-Alpha™ increases both total and free testosterone resulting in increased strength, power and drive by increasing anabolism while simultaneously decreasing catabolic activity. Train at the highest-level possible, train with BLACK DRAGON LABS®.
  • Midnight Burn – Body Fuse USA – When people think about weight loss they don’t generally think about sleep, and more importantly quality of sleep. But research has shown that those who sleep less (or have poor quality of sleep) tend to weigh more.  Midnight Burn™ is an all-natural non-habit forming alternative to over the counter sleep aids and may also burn fat! During sleep our bodies have the ability to restore and replenish hormone levels that play a critical role in metabolic rate, feeling of satiety (fullness) and cravings.  When we don’t get the sleep we need, our bodies get out of whack leaving our metabolisms in the rear view mirror, and our hunger out of control with an insatiable craving for sugary high carbohydrate foods. Midnight Burn™, may safely and effectively help you relax so it’s easier to fall asleep, and keeps you in REM sleep for longer making the sleep you get the most efficient sleep of your life.

These are just some of the amazing products we have exclusively online and in store. Check out our amazing selection at: https://www.fitlifesd.com/shop-2/ or visit us in person to see more unique items at 3683 Midway Dr, San Diego, CA 92110!

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