Why do individuals fear to workout their legs intensely? I always notice that and not only at the gym. I see people with large chests and wide shoulders wandering about. Leg training for most individuals comprises many leg extensions and leg presses.

Squats are your best friend. The king of all legs. It is the leading mass building movement for legs. You’re going to have to squat if you want to grow big wheels. And a nice shape squat. Check your ego at the door as you are doing this workout. Take off the bar a little weight and complete it properly. It indicates deep arching and squatting in the back. You must parallel the top of your thighs with the floor (or below)! This guarantees a wide range of motions – therefore maximum pleasure (and maximum growth). Stick out your butt – as though you sat in a chair. And do not forget to warm up a lot of time! Do a high rep with a very low weight from 20 to 25 before you make your work sets. We recommend doing 4 to 6 squats. This workout will impact Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes when done correctly!

Next up are leg curls. Many are neglecting the hamstrings! Make sure the hamstring work is fully felt. Begin with at least 20 repetitions in the warm-up set. Perform repetitions again, smooth and controlled. We recommend frequently holding the representative at the top of the action and squeeze my hamstring very – exactly as you would flex or tighten your bicep up on the curl. You can target several specific regions by pointing your doors to one another or to one another. In the range 8 to 15 rep, each set should be one. This workout can truly expand the hamstrings when performed correctly. 

One of the best exercises you can do for your legs is the leg press. It’s another good mass constructor. Again, you should use a whole spectrum of movements. Shrink as much weight as you can – without your lower back rising off the seat. The tightness of my quadriceps is steady and my joints are protected. Once again, warm up always with high repetition before the weight is piled up. Complete three strong work sets and typically use a few drop-sets to burn up my quads. The quads are actually aiming for this exercise. However, if you can reach deep enough, you will also experience the movement in your glutes. For more tips, tricks, and advice about workouts you can do anywhere, contact us here: https://www.fitlifesd.com/contact/, (619) 523-9286, or stop by and check out our beautiful store 3683 Midway Dr, San Diego, CA 92110!

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