If you’re experiencing the aftereffects of an intensive HIIT exercise or believe you won’t be able to push through a workout after leg day, we’ve got you covered. Soreness is a normal aspect of getting back into shape, but even the most seasoned athletes become sore after a solid workout. So, if muscular pain is preventing you from working out as often as you’d want, these are the top five exercises to do while you’re hurting. And, sure, these workouts will still have you sweating profusely and shattering your fitness objectives. A word of caution: just because these workouts are excellent for days when your muscles are feeling a little tired doesn’t imply you’re taking the easy way out. You may still focus on training other muscle groups and achieving all of your fitness objectives with some changes. 

There’s no need to overwork those fatigued muscles, so give them a vacation! Perform an activity that targets many muscle groups. Are your legs aching? Try an exercise for your upper body. Did you work out your abs hard yesterday? Take a vacation from them and focus on your arms, legs, and glutes instead. There’s no reason to go all out on days when you’re feeling really painful. Slow down with some low-impact workouts. Yoga, Pilates, and stretching are all excellent ways to improve your fitness while also making things easier on your aching muscles. If you’re going to lift weights, don’t go too heavy on days when your muscles are really painful. If you’re using resistance bands, reduce the intensity somewhat and take some time to stretch everything out afterwards. Foam rolling is fantastic for this! 

On a day when you’re feeling particularly achy, why not jump on the treadmill or go for a quick stroll outside? There are no workout police telling you what you should do, so do what feels right to you. If you just have the energy for a half-mile stroll, go for it. Walking is also great for cardiovascular health and can help you lose weight. Indeed, a one-mile walk can help you burn 100 calories, so what have you got to lose? It has a mild impact and is beneficial to one’s overall health. Always remember to listen to your body. The day following an intensive workout should not be very strenuous, and you should certainly not force it. Listen to your body if you’re completely exhausted after half of the workout. There is no shame in the game of altering, so modify to your liking. After all, injuring yourself will put you back far more than taking things slowly. So, always listen to your body—it will tell you precisely what you need to know, and it is our responsibility to listen. For more tips, tricks, and advice about workouts you can do anywhere, contact us here: https://www.fitlifesd.com/contact/, (619) 523-9286, or stop by and check out our beautiful store 3683 Midway Dr, San Diego, CA 92110!


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