​I fell in love with fitness as early as a 12 when my older brother had received his first weight set as a gift. I took up wrestling in middle school because as a means to get stronger. Though I wasn’t a fitness junkie like I am now, I was always looking for a way to be stronger through some form of work to always have an edge over kids bigger than me, and I succeeded for the most part. During my short time in the army I continued to try and balance fitness with work and family until temporary time off from fitness due to service connected injuries almost became permanent. When I got into my 30’s I found myself out of shape and obese. I got tired being out of shape and decided to make a permanent change, and today I find myself doing what I love. Helping others reach their goals in spite of their challenges. I know the struggle of weight loss and injuries, and I am confident in what exercise science teaches us in regards to them.

As a personal trainer I hold myself to a standard that all Fit Life trainers and affiliates must embody, and that’s others first. We are here for the client, to make them successful, not the other way around.  At Fit Life, we are not just merely Personal trainers, but private trainers. Every client is a VIP, and during their private training time we strive to impart as much knowledge to our clients as possible. We also hold the standard of longevity and safety. We don’t do common cookie cutter programs.

Every program we design for our clients is specifically tailored to there own goals and health needs. We have clients that range from ages of 13 all the way to clients in their 50’s and 60’s. My promise to every client is that when the training session is done, our work is not finished. I keep every one of my clients on my heart knowing that they have entrusted me to improve their quality of life.  I will continually ponder in the background of my thoughts on the things I must do to keep you inspired, and reach your goals.

This has become my life’s work, and I want as many as possible to learn and feel how rewarded the “FIT LIFE” really is.